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TH Tirrenia

Green Park Resort


Welcome to a place where you can finally dedicate time to yourself in total relaxation.

TH Tirrenia Green Park Resort, the beauty of nature and the art of hospitality unite to provide you with a holiday dedicated to wellness.

The villas, the outdoor pool with hydromassage, the tennis courts and flower gardens are all nestled within the green park. Here, time flows by at a leisurely pace, free from all sources of stress, immersed in sport, wellbeing, and moments of pure contemplation.

Here beautiful nature and a welcoming hospitality are combined to offer a holiday of wellness. The blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, 5 hectar of green park, and a splendid beach with rolling dunes of fine-grain sand, create the ideal atmosphere for an unforgettable holiday.

Small/medium size pets allowed on reservation.



At  “Le Ginestre” restaurant you can savor typical Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine with an accurate and careful. We are available on request special menus for the children.